Trade union cartoons

I was very fortunate to be able to work for the amazing RMT unions’ journal for more than ten years. It really was a dream job for a lefty working class cartoonist. The editor Brian Denny wrote most of the good ones although that’s not something that I’d admit too!?!

RMT cartoon -- 2014 06 -- minimum wage
I like to pay my workers the minimum wage - so that I can take - the maximum
RMT cartoon -- 2014 08 -- zero hour contract
If the boss sees how hard I’ve worked, he’ll take me off a zero hour contract and employ me full time! - Hey boss, I’ve flogged my guts out today! - Wow! I’m really impressed - In fact you’ve worked so hard ... I won’t need you here tomorrow.
RMT cartoon -- 2014 10 -- cheap labour
Everything costs so much these days! - NO! no everything! Eh? - Your labour is cheap!! - I make sure of that!
RMT cartoon -- 2014 11 -- trade union intimidation
If you don’t work faster I’ll sack you, throw you on the scrapheap!.. and your children will starve! - You can’t talk to me like that! I’m going to see my RMT rep! - Waaaaaaha! Typical union intimidation!
RMT cartoon -- 2015 01 -- low wages
You need to be highly self-motivated to work here! - Oh! Why is that? - Because the wages won’t do it!!
RMT cartoon -- 2015 03 -- How dare you demand a huge pay
What?!? - How dare you demand a huge pay rise AND more holidays!! - Who the hell do you think you are? - Me?
RMT cartoon -- 2015 02 -- suffering from austerity
Hey! What’s the matter? - Oh! I’m suffering from an awful case of austerity! - Are you taking anything for it? - Well yes, I’ve just joined the union!
RMT cartoon -- 2015 05 -- equal pay
I’d like to see more equal pay here! - Eh! But our company pays men and women equally! - I mean between boss and worker!
RMT cartoon -- 2015 06 -- red tape
Our new government is trying hard to help business get rid of “red tape”! - Yes! They are now introducing legislation that will allow us to use most of it - to tie up the unions!
RMT cartoon -- 2016 09 -- guards on trains
You guard the safety of the public by having a guard on the train!.. You guard the efficient running of the service by having a guard on board!.. You’re guarding the vital communications necessary by having the guards! And I’m guarding my profits by scrapping them!
RMT cartoon -- 2016 10 -- Mind the gap
Mind the gap! - There is no gap on this platform! - There is a gap on the train without guards - it’s between safety and profits!

The End