Fat Cat cartoons

Fat cat is our archetypical greedy boss, the rampant figurehead of free market capitalism.

Fat cat run for a short while in the Morning Star newspaper, and an even shorter while in a GMB regional magazine. He isn’t very popular! ;)

Fat Cat cartoon -- 133 -- right in the old wallet
We're sick to death of beig bullied by you! -- We're going to organise here - and hit you right where it hurts! -- Offf, right in the old wallet!
Fat Cat cartoon -- 132 -- A wealthier boss
Oi! I want to see you guys working a damn sight harder! – Oh yeah! And so what’s in it for us then? – A wealthier boss!
Fat Cat cartoon -- 131 -- pension scheme
So do you have any questions for us? -- Yes, what is the pension scheme like here? -- Oh! There’s really no need for a pension scheme ... We work all our employees into an early grave!
Fat Cat cartoon -- 130 -- The reason us bosses get paid a fortune
The reason us bosses get paid a fortune! Is because we have to make the big important decisions! -- Such as .. should I pay myself a massive bonus? -- That’s the reason we get paid a fortune.
Fat Cat cartoon -- 129 -- Things are really tight
Things are really tight! I could do with a pay rise! -- There is no chance of that!! -- Because there is nothing quite as tight as our boss!
Fat Cat cartoon -- 128 -- I see you’re expecting
Ah, I see you’re expecting -- Yes, that’s right! -- I’m expecting maternity leave, creche facilities, flexible working hours ...
Fat Cat cartoon -- 127 -- We’re all in this together
Just remember folks, we’re all in this together!... -- some are just a lot more “in it” than others!
Fat Cat cartoon -- 124 -- Got me a huge incentive bonus
Boy! I’ve just got me a huge incentive bonus! -- Wow! I could sure do with an incentive! -- If you don’t work your guts out, I’ll sack you and your kids will starve! -- incentive enough?
Fat Cat cartoon -- 123 -- No pain, no gain
Arrrrg! *** -- No pain, no gain – What the!.. I work my backside off for you nine hours a day, six days a week – and all I get paid is the minimum wage! Where do I gain? -- Your pain, my gain!
Fat Cat cartoon -- 122 -- I make money of course
So what do you do for a living? Oh! I’m the managing director of a large manufacturing company! -- Oh gosh! And what is it you make? -- Why ... money of course!
Fat Cat cartoon -- 120 -- Tax evasion
Oh Yes -- I have to spend -- a fortune -- on tax -- evasion -- worth every damn penny!

The End